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This page contains brief descriptions of sample projects or solutions that we have developed .

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IPTV Analyzer

IPTV Analyzer turns any notebook computer into a powerful IPTV analyzer. Depend on IPTV Analyzer to quickly and easily verify IPTV installations with pass/fail results and video preview, even before a Set Top Box (STB) or TV is connected.

software stevenage

VoIP systems based on Asterisk PBX

We have implemented, compiled, configured and administrated VoIP systems based on Asterisk PBX. At these systems, we configured many most popular VoIP functions such as: inside and outside calls, voicemail, IVR, music on hold, call forwarding, call waiting, call recording, conferences, billing and many other features. Basing on these systems, we also created other subsystems like ‘Automatic Call Broadcasting’ system, which allows broadcast voice messages to the list of telephone numbers.

Call center software

Implementation and customization of software for call center company. Implemented features: predictive dialer, Do-Not-Call list, support for incoming and outgoing campaigns, forms and scripts for campaigns, agent console, support for various types of breaks, advanced raports, integration with CRM, various database connection etc.

Interactive video platform

Project which idea is creation interactive videos using Python/Django framework. Thanks to this application user can click on parts of the videos and move to the some websites, add comments etc.


We are part of development process of TracesPlay application. TracesPlay application enables users to read different formats of network measurements (traces) such as PCAP or ERF
(from DAG Cards) among others. The program has been written without using pcap or other libraries that faciliate the transfer between various platforms. Moreover, it has
been implemented as C++ library , command line application and Matlab library.


Internal company Video Streaming and Video on Demand system

Installation of internal company video streaming system based on VLC player. There was implemented streaming using RTSP and MPEG2-TS technologies. Multicast streaming and simple Video on Demand platform. Platform was used for testing IPTV streams with help of other applications like: Vstream IPTV Analyzer, TracesPlay, VideoStatisticGenerator.

Bluetooth remote controlling of selected Ubuntu applications

Java mobile client-server application for remote controlling chosen Ubuntu system applications. It can be installed on mobile devices. Thanks to this project user can controls Ubuntu applications such as: volume control, rebooting and shutdown computer, switching off monitor, rhythmbox, smplayer, xbmc, mouse controll and many more. Thanks to option “Far remote controlling” user can control the computer from every place in the world by means of the Internet.

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